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17 Mindset Twists To Have This Year (That Can Make You Much Happier)

2016 01 12 | BY Liz English | 15 COMMENTS

Happiness is a journey and getting those things you want is dependent on the mindset you have to obtaining them. A great year it should be for you, but are you willing to take a chance on improving your mindset and be happier?


7 Pamper-You Cold and Flu Cures

2016 01 05 | BY Liz English | 5 COMMENTS

These relaxing remedies can cure your sniffles, sneezing, coughing and more, helping you feel better than ever!


A Study Links E-Cigarettes to Cancer-Related Cell Damage

2016 01 04 | BY Liz English | 5 COMMENTS

Now, a new study has identified chemicals in the vapor of two popular e-cigarette brands that can damage cells in a way that could cause cancer.


7 Major Health Lessons We Learned From Celebrities In 2015

2015 12 24 | BY Liz English | 0 COMMENTS

Like it or not, celebrities are a major force in American culture. That can be a bad thing when famous people spread misinformation (just because you’re known, doesn’t mean you’re in the know), but it can be a truly great things when celebs use their platform for good.


Winter Solstice Traditions: Rituals for a Simple Celebration

2015 12 23 | BY Liz English | 3 COMMENTS

Early nightfall. Crisp mornings. The sharp silhouette of leaf-bare branches. Orion marching across the evening sky. These are some familiar signs of winter. We often speak of turning inward during these darker months, becoming quiet and introspective, staying home more often, sleeping longer.


How To Use Aloe Vera For Skin Care

2015 12 21 | BY Liz English | 8 COMMENTS

Aloe Vera has been used overages as a beauty ingredient in traditional concoctions, medicines and cosmetics applied to the skin surface to smoothen it.


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